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Apr 26, 2017 · When genu valgum is present in an older child or adult, it’s important to find out if there’s an underlying cause. A bone disease or arthritis will need to be treated.Author: Marjorie Hecht. Bow-legged (Genu Varum) Share. Email. Print. Almost all babies are born bow-legged. At birth, the soles of a baby's feet face each other with the tibia and femur curved outwards. There is also a space between the knee joints. During the first year of life, the knee joints move closer together, the femur slopes downward and inward toward the.

Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Gantsoudes on genu varum adults: This way i could your question. Thank you. There are several methods of managing genu varum right now, which we will briefly review. The traditional method of treating genu varum involved an osteotomy of the proximal tibia with the goal of restoring normal knee alignment. Goutallier et al found a desirable range for .

Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Kaufer on genu valgum treatment adults: Usually an osteotomy at your age is geared toward straightening out a deformity that is contributing to progressive arthritis on one side of the knee. The most common deformity is a bowed leg, also called genu varum. Genu varum (also called bow-leggedness, bandiness, bandy-leg, and tibia vara), is a varus deformity marked by (outward) bowing at the knee, which means that the lower leg is angled inward in relation to the thigh's axis, giving the limb overall the appearance of an archer's bow.Specialty: Medical genetics.

Correcting Genu Valgum In Adults? Furou. Hi, I'm a 20 years old male with genu valgum in both legs. Supposedly the genu valgum in each leg isn't severe but since it's on both sides, there's quite a space between my ankles when I my knees are touching (about 4-6 cm or 1.5-2 inches). Perhaps in other words, forcing a genu varum to cancel out. Varus knee is a condition that’s commonly referred to as genu varum. It’s what causes some people to be bowlegged. It happens when your tibia, the larger bone in your shin, turns inward Author: James Roland.