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In Kentucky, guardianship is a legal relationship between a court-appointed adult who assumes the role of guardian for a ward. A ward is a person who has been declared legally disabled by the court and is no longer able to care for his or her personal and/or financial needs. The Kentucky Guardianship Association is dedicated to improving adult guardianship in Kentucky. The KGA was founded on the principle of improving the practice of adult guardianship in Kentucky by promoting practices that protect the Constitutional rights and autonomy of persons with disabilities.

What is the procedure when the person needing a guardian is an adult? If the person needing a guardian is an adult, the state of Kentucky "prosecutes" the court action, and there is a jury trial, because putting an adult under guardianship involves the loss of civil rights, and . Guardianship in Kentucky offers protection to persons who are not capable of taking care of themselves and are at risk of harm or exploitation. The decision to seek guardianship in Kentucky for a disabled adult can be difficult, often emotional, and needs to be handled with sensitivity and discretion.

Guardianship is a legal relationship between a capable adult (the guardian) and a ward, either a minor (a person under eighteen years old) or a legally disabled person. The 1994 General Assembly created a new section of Kentucky's guardianship statute that allows an adult of sound mind to execute a verified petition for the voluntary. • Kentucky Law - Powers and Duties of a Guardian KRS 387.660 • Kentucky Law - Cabinet may act as fiduciary -- Duties -- Powers. KRS 210.290 • Responsible parties authorized to make health care decisions. KRS 311.631 • Service provisions for adult guardianship - 910 KAR 2:040.

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