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The Exeter group's definition of the main subject matter for comparative study has proven helpful through the years. Since Exeter, a number of events have nurtured work in CAE. There has been a growth in the activity of international bodies with an interest in adult education either Author: Alexander N. Charters. Are comparative studies in adult education possible? It is possible to conduct meaningful comparative studies in adult education if certain conditions are observed. Firstly, it is essential that the studies be based upon a sound understanding of the social, cultural and political environment of the adult education systems which are the subject of attention.

4. Comparative Studies in Lifelong and Recurrent Education Comparative studies, like other studies in adult education, increasingly take a lifelong perspective, without for the most part addressing their topics explicitly within the concept of lifelong education.Cited by: 1. While Comparative Studies in Education can be counted among the largely established and also institutionalised sub-disciplines of Education Research, Adult Education, and in particular Comparative Studies in Adult Education, belongs among those fields of study which have only in most recent times been added to the range of research and teaching.

The aim of this conference is to provide a forum to collect, share, and discuss practices, concepts, evaluation, and research studies. By this we want. - to document and develop the actual knowledge about comparative research in adult education. - to improve theory and practice in the education of adults. The international Winter School ‘Comparative Studies on Adult Education and Lifelong Learning’ is dedica-ted to analysing and comparing international and European strategies in lifelong learning. Based on social policy models, lifelong learning strategies in Europe, including selected European countries, will be .