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Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation – BALOO. This one-and-a-half day course is designed as an introduction to the Cub Scout outdoor program for leaders interested in adding a camping component to their Pack activities. BALOO training consists of an online pre-requisite component in addition to an overnight outdoor camping experience. Welcome to my.Scouting. Login to my.Scouting. LOGIN CREATE ACCOUNT Forgot username / password? my.Scouting. Forgot Username? Email or member ID. Date of Birth. RECOVER USERNAME. Forgot Password? Username.

Training is an important part of learning to become an effective leader. The important scouting position you hold will be easier and more effective once you develop the skills necessary to deliver a quality scouting program every Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Venturer desires. Adult Training Courses: Cub Scouts. There are a LOT of training courses you can take as a Cub Scout leader. But, there are only a few main courses we consider required if you are going to be a Den Leader, Cubmaster, or Committee Chair; you’ll find them below in the “Required Cub Scout .

Scouts and Scouters that earned the awards before they were discontinued may still wear the awards and/or knots on their uniforms. Tiger Cub Den Leader Award Discontinued and replaced with the Den Leader's Training Award: Cub Scout Den Leader Service Award - Presented to recognize outstanding services by an adult individual or an. Training Resources The resources below provide an introduction to and overview of The Scout Associations' Adult Training Scheme. They are a great source of information for any questions that you might have about training. The Training Advisers Guide and Adults Personal File also provide information about the validation criteria for each module.

In order for your den or your entire Cub Scout Pack to have an outdoor activity or go camping, you must have someone complete the Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation, also known as “BALOO”, training course. BALOO Training is made up of two parts: an online course available on, and an in-person, hands-on course. You must. On you can find three distinct types of Cub Scout training. Select the training course that is most appropriate for your position: Cubmaster training: This training is appropriate for Cubmasters and Assistant Cubmasters and teaches you how to organize and run the program for a pack (multiple grade levels). Den Leader training: This training is appropriate for Den Leaders and.