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The most common species of cutworm occurring in Minnesota gardens are the bronzed cutworm, variegated cutworm, black cutworm, dingy cutworm, glassy cutworm and army cutworm. Adult moths are moderate sized, brown or black insects showing various splotches, or stripes in shades of gray, brown, black or white. Entomology Image Gallery > Butterflies and Moths > Black Cutworm. Black cutworm moth (adult) Black cutworm moth (adult). This image appears in the following articles: Black cutworm moths have arrived (May, 1997) Black cutworm scouting dilemma (May, 1999).

Adult cutworms are dark-winged moths – usually 1 ½ inch in length with brown or grey dark, possibly spotted wings. Female moths will lay eggs in the dry soil. Cutworms eat the roots and bottom-most vegetation of almost all plants. They usually eat the foliage and roots of young plants, destroying them from beneath the soil. 70 rows · black cutworm / pheromone / report Share This Article It is the policy of the Purdue .