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breast perimenopause tenderness - Menopause and sore breasts: Causes and relief

Breast pain during perimenopause is more likely to feel like burning or soreness. You may feel it in one breast or both breasts. Not all women experience breast discomfort in the same way. The Author: Stephanie Watson. Breast tenderness/pain is a common symptom of perimenopause and menopause, and you should know it's unlikely to signal anything more serious, such as breast cancer. However, if you suspect that something is not right with your breasts, see your doctor. And don't forget to Author: Ellen Dolgen.

Swollen and tender breasts are often a sign of high levels of estrogen, which is common in the perimenopausal period. It's also common when you're pregnant and just before your period (which is why your breasts are often tender then). One study found about a third of women experienced tender breasts in early perimenopause. Breast tenderness is a common symptom during menopause and other times of hormonal fluctuation.During menopause, when hormonal levels are in flux, a woman is more likely to develop breast tenderness. Though postmenopausal women may also experience breast tenderness, it is most common in premenopausal and perimenopausal women.

Aug 15, 2016 · Thus breast pain is usually NOT a sign of breast cancer. Having said that, any time a woman has NEW breast pain, with or without a lump, it needs to be evaluated.” The big question is, “How do we know when we need to go to our healthcare professional to get breast tenderness or pain checked?” She provided us with this simple symptoms guide:Author: Ellen Dolgen. Tender breasts can signal periods and pregnancy. And then there's the other P: perimenopause. Hormone changes can cause water retention, as anyone with a case of period bloat who can't fit into her favorite jeans can attest. Your breasts can retain fluid, too, swelling the tissue and making them Author: Katie Lambert.

Sore breasts are common during menstruation, but breast pain and discomfort can also occur during perimenopause and menopause. In this article, learn why breast pain can happen at this stage of life.Author: Aaron Kandola. If breast pain is severe or won’t go away, talk to your doctor. 2. Changes in breast size and shape. Why It Happens: As you near menopause, your levels of estrogen drop dramatically. As your.