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Muscle. Stories that feature guys with big muscles, usually including Muscle Growth as part of the story, though a story tagged Muscle might just involve having big muscles without growth. See also Size Growth, which involves getting bigger overall. Huginex Muscle Growth For Late Teen. He had a heavy weight set which he used to make his muscles swell. Once he could feel the blood rushing into his arms and pecs, he'd stop and pose in the mirror. Front lat spread, side chest pose, double biceps, and finally a most muscular .

Aug 11, 2017 · A thread where you can comment about stories in general. Discuss favorite stories, plot lines, ideas, authors, etc. Then he meets muscle-stud Charles’s dazzling brother Sky and all of his fantasies intensify, leading to his seeking out the secrets of height and muscle growth. 2019-08-10 7. has 21,480 stories, the biggest and best free Gay Erotic Stories site with gay sex tales in 100 categories in 28 languages Gay Erotic Stories. Last updated Aug 12, 2019 - Home of 21480 erotic stories. Sean Reid Scott's gay muscle stories. Want to read more? Click HERE to go to Sean's page, where you can buy his Muscle Books to read on your Kindle!

Post Your Muscle Growth Stories Registered Members Only: Post your own male muscle growth-themed stories here and get feedback from readers. 18+ ONLY! Stories posted here will eventually be added to the Evolution Story Archive. A meek guy notices unusual underwear lines of a muscle stud. "I didn't know he wanted me too." Follow up to long night with ben, then next morning. A sequel to "Equestrian Afternoon". He participates in a show at a strip club. and other exciting erotic at!